Wednesday, October 26, 2011

After the dentist visit . . .

After this morning's dentist appointment, in lieu of a lollipop, I treated myself to a walk around the fishing boats in Newport. First off, I was drawn to the turnbuckles, and anyone who has been with me here at my Oregon Coast photo workshop will recognize these, especially you, Janet G.! Their high-tech forms and repeating patterns make them a photographic natural. I commented on Janet's turnbuckle photo just yesterday, so it was fresh in my mind and made me think of her as I shot.
Next is a reflection in the water of a rusty fishing boat. Love the zig-zag pattern and the rich brown/orange colors. The pattern of the reflection sort of moves down the frame in a quasi-diagonal way, thus catching my attention.

The next shot of the drips of water, rust, paint, and general weathering on the stern of a fishing boat is something I'll probably use in a photomontage sometime, somewhere, somehow.

The bright orange float hanging down off the blue boat (and its accompanying reflection) is a good example of complementary colors, and maybe something I'll use to illustrate the concept. Plus the colors were just outrageous and pixels are free.

Below the buoy photo is a shot I took of flags flying from the mast of a fishing boat. The colors are what caught my eye, plus the sky was a lovely blue, something we don't see too often here on the coast. We're close to Halloween, so a photo of a pirate flag seemed like a natural.

The kind of blah brown, white, and black photo is (once again) something I will use down the road in a photomontage. I took a number of versions of this image because, well, you just never know when you'll need something like this.

And finally, a shot of gouges in the metal side of a fishing boat. They were up so high I just held my camera over my head and pointed. What I like is how the scratches look kind of like Asian calligraphy, and that's always useful for a lot of the photomontages I make.

I also took images of cormorants with their wings spread, overviews of the boats in general, more reflections in the water, a bunch of overexposed seagull photos that NO ONE will EVER see, and shots of ropes, cleats, buoys, etc. 

So there you have it, kind of a typical shoot for me after a dentist appointment. Or jury duty. Or after an office supply run to Staples. Or if it's a Thursday. Or . . . ©Carol Leigh (who is conducting yet another Oregon Coast Photo Exploration September 9-12, 2012)

Note: Blogger has been doing some strange things lately. If you click the image to make it larger, often a panel will come up and all three images will be at the bottom, so you can click one after another. But if you click the back arrow to return to the blog, the blog often disappears. Instead, click the "x" in the upper right corner of the panel. The photo panel will disappear and you'll be back in the blog. I'm sure somebody thought this was an improvement... 


Jan Hagan said...

Loved these shots.
What a treat to see.

Elena and Russ said...

Loved your shots, Carol.
I'm still working on my shots from Oregon. Makes me feel like I'm there with you. What a wonderful time we had.


gottago said...

I'd like to buy your rusty fishing boat reflection photo. How large can it be printed? Love, love, love the colors and the interesting design in the water. It will look wonderful with the colors in my living room.
Linda Jeffers

Carol Leigh said...

Thank you, Jan and Elena. You've both been here, so isn't it neat to kind of recognize this stuff?

Linda, I'm flattered and would love to have that photo hanging in your living room. Let me examine it, see how big I can make it, and will respond to you later next week via private e-mail. XXX

Diane Miller said...

All these are so lovely! Wanna see the montage results -- what GREAT material! I'm jealous!!

gottago said...

Thanks Carol. Look forward to hearing back on your photo. xxoo