Friday, October 21, 2011

Not so obvious . . .

We may be seduced by the outrageous color of autumn leaves, but often it's the subtle elements of the backs of leaves that hold our interest.

I continued to work with the soft-focus properties of f/1.7 during our two days spent this week at The Oregon Garden in Silverton. Much more to follow as I begin working through my photos. ©Carol Leigh


  1. Thank you, teacher, for another wonderful lesson - that it is "the subtle elements of the backs of leaves that hold our interest." You are so amazing - you continue to come up with new ways of "seeing". That idea is so simple but one that has eluded me. My vision still tends to be one dimensional. You always inspire me to do more - to look beyond what I think I see. Thank you. Great photos. In the first one, I like that you found the red, and the blend of the 3 or 4 colors is really nice. It just pops. The second one I like the almost monochromatic-ness of it. I also like how that light on the back of the leaf accents the lines. In some photos, it might have a "washed out" effect but I think it is wonderful in this one. So grateful to one that you are still coming up with new stuff.

  2. Well, what's left to say after Carol D's comments (which I agree with!)...

    I like both photos, but that second one is gorgeous in its' simplicity & elegance.

  3. Yes, I must say that Carol D. waxed quite eloquent here! I'm touched and flattered. Thank you both. --Carol Leigh


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