Thursday, December 25, 2014

Latest work: "Silver Bracelet"

As I'm creating my photomontages, I am trying to be smarter, trying to create various versions of the same thing so that if someone is interested in one of the images, they might also be tempted to purchase a few more and use them in a grouping.

It's more difficult than you might think. But why?

I think it's because when I create a photomontage, it's sort of like walking along an unknown path. Things come up that I didn't expect, the path twists and turns, and finally something cool (I hope) emerges.

To create a second version of the image, yet make it somewhat different, requires a different mindset. There are more constraints. But mostly, there's less adventure. It's a sort of "been there, done that" feeling. It's just not as fun. There aren't the same little surprises along the way. It's more mechanical rather than experimental.

And that's why I don't set up an assembly line of tricks and techniques. That might be the smarter marketing way to go. And I'm probably foolish to not travel that route.

So I continue making these things, seeing what happens, and if I can make one or two more along the same lines, then great. But darned if I'm going to push it and perhaps lose my sense of adventure and my zest for creativity.

Here you see three versions of the same concept. I made the top image first, and it was fun to do. Lots of problems came up that I had to solve, and the final result pleases me. But then how can I make another one that's compatible with the first? Well, as you can see, I added a vertical element. And then in the third image, I simply removed the horizontal element. Borrrrrrinnnnnggg! I do not want to make ANY more of these! I want to make something new now.

So there you have it. A little slice of insight into my thought process. And a huge slice of insight into why I'm not raking in millions of dollars with my work!

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