Sunday, January 4, 2015

International Letter-Writing Week

Yes, it's that time of year again, the holiday none of us should ignore: International Letter-Writing Week (January 8-14). Since I am way too busy to write a letter, I created a postcard instead. (Oh, the irony!) Interestingly, I already had a Japanese stamp commemorating the holiday, so I built the card around that stamp.

But what I also want to tell you is that I now have a friend in Japan, who sent me a delightful letter last week.

While in Kyoto, Rich, CJ and I were in a calligraphy shop and were approached by a young Japanese woman (her name is Nao), who spoke quite a bit of English. An art student from Hiroshima, she was visiting family and looking for some inexpensive watercolors.

We all must have talked for about half an hour. We talked about calligraphy and brushes and so Rich showed her a quick iPhone video he had made of a famous Kyoto calligraphy artist we had visited. She said she wanted to write to us, so we gave her our business cards and were on our way. A delightful experience.

And then I received this charming letter (Rich and CJ received one, too) in an envelope that contained a color picture of her work (the goldfish) and a few other things. It was great! It reminded me of when I was 12 and living in Japan and how I helped a Japanese serviceman practice his English, the carved bear sculpture he gave me as a thank-you, and how we corresponded for quite some time afterwards. Japanese enthusiasm for learning English, their gratitude for your time, their small appreciations, and then a letter like this -- well, what can I say? My life has been enriched. Again.

Anyway, just thought you would like to be reminded that International Letter-Writing Week is right around the corner. Don't you just love getting letters? Well, pass the love next week and send an actual, physical, letter. You'll be enriching someone's life as well as your own.

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