Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More stripes . . .

My challenge on this recent trip to South Carolina was to find and photograph stripes. Stripes are often formed in bright sunlight, when reflections and shadows create lovely repeating patterns. Alas, it rained a lot this trip! This is the best I could do.

All of these photos were toned with a slight sepia tint to warm them up, including the pictures taken at Folly Beach, where the lighting was harsh and bright. I could have emphasized the harshness by making those images quite contrasty, but instead I decided to simply warm them up, still maintaining the strength of light and shadow and repeating pattern, but softening the look just a bit.

People have been commenting that I've not been posting much on Facebook nor here, wondering if everything's okay. Yup. Better than okay, in fact. I am creating collages, prepping photos, and making monoprints. I just don't feel I have anything worth sharing yet, so I'm lying low.

Winter is a time for hibernation, and that's kind of what I'm doing. Moving slowly but with intention, getting rid of things that no longer are a part of my life (like two tall file cabinets full of California research material!) and clearing the decks for a new (creative) chapter. More about all this later.

Wishing you a winter of content, creativity, and contemplation.

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  1. Wonderful stripes and shadows in these images. Love the tones.

  2. Thank you, Anita. I like them, too and I think the toning worked.


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