Monday, January 5, 2015

Sold the last two weeks of December

Here are the pictures that sold at Fine Art America during the final two weeks of December. A couple were canvas-wraps, a couple were pillows (which I think look really cool), and some were straight prints.

Has FAA been worth my time? Heck yes. I way more than doubled what I made last year and more than doubled the photos that sold. FAA offers me a selling arena where I don't have to do the printing, the packaging, the shipping, nor the marketing. And it easily paid for a fairly expensive trip to Japan. A life-changing trip to Japan.

I'm a happy little artist these days. Wishing you the same happiness, no matter what art you do.

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  1. I have to say that advice has been given to me to try something out for about three months see how it works...we in my case I have had to stick it out about year with Fine Art America and now things are finally selling and it's such a wonderful little surprise! So following you and sticking with it I can see it's working...Again wonderful thing that are selling too.

  2. My first year with FAA was miserable. The second year much, much, much better. And the third even "more better." So happy to see you're there and that your work is selling.


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