Sunday, June 21, 2015


And now we come to green, a particularly soothing color in nature. Because I'm less of a nature photographer than anything else, I find I have a plethora of green manmade things to choose for this category, such as the abstract design I found when wandering around fishing boats on the Oregon coast.

Next I feature a photo of birdhouses Chris made and that we had in front of our Oregon house. These eventually disintegrated and Chris made some more, similar in style. And this year we have tree swallows nesting in the middle house. Made us feel good to provide "affordable housing" for these birds.

And finally, a close-up of the side of a bus that June, Jill, and Gisela found for me when I visited North Carolina a few years ago. Do they know me well, or what?! This was such a cool junk yard to shoot in, although their "watch out for snakes" warning was a bit distracting . . .

It's now Sunday, although I'm writing this on Wednesday before the move. I am hoping that we have happily awakened in our familiar bed, that the cat isn't too freaked out, and that we can now begin opening boxes (which is actually a lot like Christmas -- we won't remember what's in each one!) and placing things where they seem to be most appropriate, knowing, of course, that in another three months everything will be all changed around again as we realize the couch looks awful over there, wouldn't it be better over here?

Green is an especially appropriate color for today because our house is completely surrounded by tall conifers, so much so that when the light is right, our white ceilings display a definite green tinge that's reflected from the trees.

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  1. Glad up are surrounds by green. Glad you are home. June

  2. Don't you just love auto correct? I know you were trying to say, "Glad you are surrounded by green," and yes we are -- so lovely. Immense gratitude to my father this special day for enabling us to be here. Very thankful.


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