Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nobody here but us wabbits!

Chris: "Carol, come quick! Look!"

Abby has jumped up onto what we call the "Holly Cabinet" and is sitting in front of a tall, carved, wooden folk art rabbit.

I grabbed the cellphone and took a couple of shots before she jumped down.

What's interesting is that when she was born, the people who had her called her "Bunny" because of the way she hopped around the house. A cat, apparently, never forgets her roots!

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Anonymous said...

Cute picture. I guess Abby has done well with this move like the rest of her family. JC

Linda Heinsohn said...

Great fun!

Jo Murray said...

Couldn't miss THAT....haha.

marianne said...

A serendipitous moment! Hysterical ☺

Just read the group email about your retirement and new home. Congrats! Enjoy your new life 😊

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she stayed still long enough to get that perfect picture.

Anonymous said...

We loved seeing Abby! Very cute picture.