Sunday, May 15, 2016

Around the yard

Early this morning there was a soft mist falling. I was struck by how lusciously green everything looked, so took the cellphone out and wandered around the yard.

No breeze. No lawn mowers. Just the pileated woodpecker, who has been desperately drumming on trees in his quest to find a mate for the past EIGHT days.

It was all so beautifully lighted, so perfect, so peaceful, so tranquil.

This is what I love about the Pacific Northwest. I grumble about the wasps, the pollen, the tree debris, the amount of work required to keep things tidy (mainly because I kind of enjoy grumbling), but mornings like this make everything so worthwhile.

All together now ... ommmmmmmmmm.

 ©Carol Leigh
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  1. These are just lovely! The deep green of the first and last images is just so appealing. But my fav is the close up - image number 2. Love the geometry of the veins contrasted with the abstract, rounded shapes of the water droplets.

  2. Chris liked the second one, too. My favorite is the first one, especially the way the light hits the leaves on the right. Thanks for the feedback!


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