Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Experiment #9375

I am loving these weird creations I'm making.

But there's a problem, and you may know the answer.

I have a lot of images in my iPhone 6+ that I want to download into my Mac Mini. I usually do this via a WiFi connection and software called, I believe, Photo Transfer.

This requires a fair amount of data being transferred out of my phone and then into my computer. I'm sensitive to data these days (ad nauseum), and to send and then receive more than a gigabyte of data impacts my limited data plan.

Is there a way to physically download/upload my cellphone photos without using WiFi? Maybe even from the cellphone to a flash drive, and then from the flash drive into the desktop computer? That way I could use the WiFi at the library or a local restaurant, then bring the flash drive home to do the rest.

Any suggestions would be most welcome!

NOTE: I figured it out (thanks to Chris). Adobe Bridge has an import feature. All I do is plug my camera's USB into the Mac Mini. Open Bridge. Import photos from my phone. Easy. It was Chris who suggested using the USB cable. I found the rest (after struggling with iPhoto for way too long -- do NOT like that application and just wanted to get my photos OUT of there). I don't use iPhoto at all, considering it a snare and a delusion. End of min-rant. All is well photo-wise. And it's 31 degrees at the moment. Winter has arrived.

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