Thursday, December 29, 2016

Gratitude 2016

I had a very good day Tuesday at Fine Art America, where I sold 10 different very large metal prints to a condominium association In Portland, Oregon’s artsy Pearl District.

They e-mailed me, saying in part, “...we placed an order for a lot of your beautiful work to grace the halls...” and “...thank you...for producing such beautiful images to decorate our lives.”

The Pearl is a well-known hubbub of art. Fine Art America represents tens of thousands of artists. The buyers had a huge selection of artists they could have approached.

They said, “...after considering many, many pieces our eyes and hearts always came back to the work of one artist. You do nice work.”

To sell 10 big prints in one day is wonderful. And to cap it off, someone else in Minnesota bought two small framed prints, prints of Japanese-esque collages I’d made.

What a lovely way to slide away from 2016 and gently approach 2017.

I leave this year with a humble and grateful heart.

And yes, I appreciate the irony. “If you’re so damned humble, why are you bragging on yourself?!” Ha! Obviously I’m not that humble!

To see the images that sold on Tuesday, see the post directly below this one. I know many of you are curious.

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