Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What I'm working on . . . "Kimono Package"

I stumbled upon, online, a "kimono package" for sale. It's a large, padded, multilayered, old, soft, weathered, hand-made packet that, when opened, would contain a Japanese kimono.

And I'm slowly, slowly photographing bits and pieces of it to use in photomontages.

These are examples of what I've made so far, and I haven't even begun to photograph the interior.

I have similar yet very different old Japanese papers from a roll that Kathleen Amt so generously gave to me. That, too, is its own project.

And eventually, the two will merge, creating a third series of images.

For me, the key is slowness. I am giddy about all three projects. Giddiness comes with a price, however, and it would be easy to quickly burn out, and/or become overwhelmed.

Slowness is the watchword for these projects. Difficult to accomplish when one's feeling like a nine-year-old on Christmas Eve . . .

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