Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cranky observations . . .

I follow an artist's blog. Every time she adds something new, I go see what she is showing and what she is writing about.

I visited her blog today and was greeted with the announcement that she was no longer blogging, "but you can follow me on Instagram!"

I clicked the link to her Instagram site. Just a few pictures, no writing.

I deleted her abandoned blog from my feed.

I did not follow her on Instagram.

Pictures with just a few words don't interest me. It was her combination of writing and images that made her blog worthwhile.

As I contemplate why the heck I'm still blogging and if I should quit, I found my reaction to her "paring down" interesting.

She's too busy to offer substance. I'm too busy to accept less.

And yes, I know how I sound. Arrogant, petty, and egocentric. For all I know, she's gone back to school, or is taking care of aging parents, or has a child that needs all her attention. She's probably downsizing to get some of her life back. I understand. I don't like it, but I understand!

And today at 1:30 . . . Go Seahawks! Pizza! Friends! Maybe I should post it all on Instagram...

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  1. I love your writing as much as your art. It makes your art so much more !!!

  2. Thank you very much, Craig. Means a lot.


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