Wednesday, January 4, 2017

This year . . .

This is a sample page from my artist's journal, a page I made a number of years ago. You may not be able to read my handwriting, so here's what it says:

Ahem . . . You aren't paying attention. You have all these ideas that you collect, that you write down, that you illustrate, but you rarely go back and follow up. Are you a dreamer or a do-er?

My years-ago writing holds true today. I never feel I'm doing enough, but I have hundreds of ideas for what I think I want to do.

Since moving to Whidbey Island, however, I'm actually making a lot of art.

So in my next post, I'll talk about what what I've made, and what I'm currently working on. And don't think that doesn't make me uncomfortable!

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