Thursday, October 5, 2017

From color to black and white (part 2 of 7)

There's a challenge going around in my corner of Facebook at the moment where someone challenges someone else to create one black and white image a day and to post it on Facebook. The "rules" are "no people and no explanation."

For my second photograph, I selected this picture, also taken in South Carolina. Whereas a number of people really liked my first picture, not many liked this one. And I can understand why.

As a black and white it looks even weirder than it does in color. I like both versions, however, and it doesn't bother me that it was less popular than the first. Also, by looking at it in black and white, I think it might just work in a photomontage of some sort. We shall see.

What is it? I was standing on a grassy bank, looking across a bit of water, to a pier. It was the almost Roman numeral-ish look of the pilings that caught my eye, not the actual pier itself.

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  1. Carol I think I like the color rendition a little better than the b&w...although I really like both photos very much.
    In the color photo I feel more interest in wanting to visit this place; the color photo is warmer and more inviting. In the color photo I feel the middle water area looks smaller/not as wide making the balance of the photo more pleasing.
    In the color photo the pointed ends of the grass appears better defined. And I like that the color of the grass and pilings compliment each other.
    I'm not good at critiquing my photos or others but want to practice and learn how to see to be able to critique. Hope you don't mind me taking this opportunity to practice trying to see and articulate on your work.

  2. Don't mind at all, Linda. It's nice to get a different take on this photo. And yeah, isn't it interesting how the water looks so much larger in the B&W image? To me, there's a big jump from top to bottom in the B&W version, whereas in the color version, my eye sort of slowly moves from top to bottom (and vice-versa). So your comment about "wanting to visit this place" is right on. The color one is more inviting.

    You did a terrific job describing your response to the pictures. And you know what? By verbalizing what you're seeing and how you're reacting to pictures in general (and paintings, too, for that matter) you will become more adept at analyzing your own work, seeing what works, finding the movement, seeing what might not be working quite as well. All that enhances the "noticing" part of your brain, and you'll subconsciously "use" it every time you compose an image. It'll be second nature.

    Thank you.


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