Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I'm not sure about this one. The components are a leather jacket photographed in Santa Fe, an old carpet shot on the docks in Newport, Oregon, and a matchbox label (thank you, Kathleen A.) from Poland (vintage 1965 or thereabouts).

©Carol Leigh, who is teaching a beginning online photomontage class beginning January 9, 2012.


  1. Carol,

    Im' not sure why you are not sure?
    Great background and fun focal piece.
    But if you feel like changing it did you consider adding some textured piece wich will balance the smoothness of the background and the boldness of the label? Just a thought...

  2. Hmmm, interesting idea. I'll work with it some more and let's see how it ends up. Thanks for the suggestion. --CL


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