Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rule of Thirds?

Weird photo, no? A small boat up at the docks is covered with a white tarp to protect ongoing repairs. Holding down the tarp are three plastic partially filled jugs, floating in the water, holding the tarp in place.  And it must work really well, because I believe those jugs have been floating there for at least a year! Click to enlarge.

©Carol Leigh, who has projects in her garage she hasn't finished in NINE years!


  1. A tribute to bio-non-degradability! And to a good eye!

  2. Maybe a good eye, but it's a composition that was a bitch to achieve. You have no idea how many shots I've taken of this boat and the "tarp anchors" that are just awful! --Carol Leigh

  3. Here's to the rule of thirds! A job well done all the way around - especially in creating and capturing visual art. And, yet another use for bleach containers... a float and weight. I cut the bottom and use the container to scoop out the ashes from BBQs... unscrew the cap and you also have a funnel.

  4. Well, aren't YOU Mr. Ecology and Mr. Gadget rolled into one! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Stephan. --CL


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