Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Partway home . . .

Good morning from Sioux City, Iowa, alongside the Missouri River, where we can wave across the water to the state of Nebraska.

Wish we could explore leisurely on this trip, but we have been gone a month, we are relying way too much on the kindness of a neighbor to feed Abby the cat, and we just want to get home to begin the next chapter of our life.

Photography is beginning to kick back in, and I love the photos I took this morning of low sunlight creating shadows through pilings in a marina, just a little mist to create a golden glow. The light was changing so fast, I didn't want to waste it using a cellphone, so no, no photos accompanying this post. Beautiful scenario with the background rattle of a kingfisher adding to the ambience.

We have been driving from morning to early evening, exploring little towns when we just can't take the monotony of 70-mph freeways any more. So far I have purchased two vintage postcards and a cigar box to add to my stash. Cool horses on the box, which I am sure will end up in a photomontage at some point. Am feeling very inspired about doing new work, another reason to get back home.

And now on to South Dakota!

Carol Leigh