Sunday, February 19, 2017

Color or B&W?

As I was playing around with my photographs, I focused on a shot I'd taken of an old airplane at Castle Air Museum in California.

I created a series of color images and then, just to see how they'd look, converted them to black and white.

I wanted to upload them to Fine Art America, but didn't know which to select: the color images or the black and white.

Although I think the color version looks pretty cool, the colors throughout weren't consistent enough to make an effective series.

All the black and white ones (seven of them) "worked together" to make a stronger whole. For me, they have a sort of masculine, contemporary vibe, and I could see them in an upscale apartment or condo that has a relatively monochromatic color scheme.

It's interesting to see the mindset change when we begin marketing our work. I like the color version, but as a series, believe that the black/white/grey combo is more marketable.

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