Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Kitchen Art: Shadows

Over in my Photomotivation Facebook group, everybody's working on photographing shadows. So when I saw the sun shining through the kitchen window, I quickly grabbed something, anything, to put into that light. Sunlight can be fleeting around here . . .

I knew my subject had to have a strong, graphic shape. Well, the watering can that sits in the window certainly has a strong shape. I put it on one of the stove burners so its shadow would fall on the wall. I focused on the spout, which is nice and sharp. And see the little bit of blue metal? Bonus! The shadow is FAIRLY sharp, sharp enough to be acceptable.

The sun was still working with me, so quick, what else could I find?

I grabbed a fork out of a drawer and set it on the counter. Wham! Bold shadows, looking really elongated, were terrific. I couldn't include the fork AND the shadows in total, so I composed for just a bit of the fork and a lot of the shadows. The shadows were more interesting (to me) than the fork, so why not give them top billing?

But if I moved farther back (all these were taken with an iPhone), I COULD include both fork and shadows, so here's what they look like. I like the strong darks and lights, but the previous fork photo appeals to me more.

When you have good light, put SOMEthing in it to shoot. You may never have that light again.

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