Saturday, April 28, 2018

Random boat bits . . .

Nothing like meandering around fishing boats to find little vignettes, examples of the tools they use, the things they need, and how traditional a lot of the gear is.

By isolating small bits and pieces, I can create pictures that offer hints of what's on board, making the necessary gear just as important as the entire boat.

A simple photograph of a ladder and a lantern turns into a Mondrian-esque scene of clean rectangles and squares.

Lures hang from a rustic piece of wood aboard a commercial fishing boat.

I liked the monochromatic look of the strongly-defined lines and angles that frame the curvy-ness of a hook of some sort. An overcast day helped emphasize the silvery-blue-grey metal, lighting all the visual elements equally.

And finally, the bold red handles on the Crowley tugboat "Protector" tied to the dock. From a design standpoint, I found the horizontal line of half-letters up top, the red handles, and then the thick red pipe at the bottom -- all parallel to one another -- very appealing. It's an unusual composition, and I like it!

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