Sunday, April 8, 2018

Watching where I'm walking

Have you noticed the small markers, usually placed alongside curbs, next to drains in the gutter? They warn us to not pollute nearby bodies of water -- lakes, harbors, oceans, etc. And they are surprisingly personalized, designed for just those particular locations.

This "NO DUMPING - DRAINS TO SOUND" marker tells us we're close to Puget Sound, and, in smaller print, that we're at the Port of Anacortes.

The message on the sewer cover, however, is simply rude! And what does ASS stand for? "Anacortes Sewer System," of course. This cover is apparently one of just a few remaining -- Anacortes won't be using this abbreviation in the future. A port employee passing by told us that it's probably the most-photographed subject at the Port of Anacortes!

And finally, the more colorful "ONLY RAIN DOWN THE DRAIN" marker shows you that yes, you're still in Anacortes, and that "Puget Sound Starts Here."

In a time when we're replacing words with cute little icons/pictures, it's refreshing to actually READ these informational exhortations. Even if Anacortes can sometimes be an ASS about it . . .

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