Monday, November 26, 2018

Around the yard . . .

It's been a very mild fall here on Whidbey Island. Leaves are now completely fallen from our mountain ash tree. They're lovely and very delicate. As I pick up one of these stems, the individual leaves gently fall away. I managed to get one intact, pressed it, and am now working on incorporating it into a photomontage.

One foggy morning, the pines looked good against a lighter, brighter background. Delicate, lacy branches contrasting with the strong, sturdy tree trunk.

This tree in the side yard -- one I have failed to identify so far -- turned a bright yellow, and stayed like that for a fair amount of time. Last year heavy rains hit, the leaves turned brown, and became a sludgy pile on the ground, practically overnight.

And it's mushroom-o'rama right now, as they spring up everywhere. The cellphone, turned upside-down, enables me to shoot from a bug's-eye view.

Fall -- my favorite season of the year -- offers so much on so many levels, as nature slows down, sloughs off the unnecessary, and quietly gathers within itself to eventually burst out again, reaching its stride in May. Ain't it wonderful?

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