Friday, November 30, 2018

Latest work . . .

These pictures have finally been uploaded to Fine Art America -- it took me all month to create them. I'm hoping it was worth the wait!

As I was playing with different colors and shapes, I began thinking of a stage set, looking behind the scenes as well as from the audience’s point of view.

The top picture is titled "Rehearsal." This one implies the “organized confusion” of what goes on both behind the scenes and from an empty theater’s point of view.

No audience, just the actors and crew finding their places, making adjustments, moving sets, fine-tuning the production. And are those guitar strings there at the bottom?

"Opening Night"
"Opening Night" appears in a square version as well as a wider horizontal. And I know this may sound weird, but don’t the round things at the bottom seem like a very attentive audience, waiting for the play to begin? No? Just me, I guess!

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