Thursday, November 24, 2011

End of the day

Just before sunset, while there was still just a bit of light in the sky, we left the sand-covered houses and headed over to Waldport Marina. Warm lighting on the "caution" sign caught my eye and I quickly shot it, knowing that the quality of light would be fleeting. They're not kidding about outgoing tides — the current was screaming past.

Walking down on the docks, I photographed this gull using a 20mm lens at f/1.7, focusing on him and letting the rest of the scene go soft. It's a pretty look, I think. The photo of the sign above was taken the same way. Loving this 20mm f/1.7 lens!

This was a quiet, peaceful way to end the day, especially after all the sturm und drang of the storms, which should begin again today around 10.

©Carol Leigh, wishing you all a happy and quiet Thanksgiving.


Elena and Russ said...

Familiar landscape, but you can tell it is fall now, such different colors.

Stephan said...

There is peace! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Carol! ... and to everyone as well!

Carol Leigh said...

Peace, quiet, stillness ... can't be beat. Thank you for stopping by. --CL