Monday, September 28, 2015

Analog versus digital . . .

Friends here on Whidbey invited me and Chris over for chili the other night. The next day I wanted to make a card to thank them for an evening of good food and lots of laughter. So I made a quickie collage on a piece of 6x4 watercolor paper.

The first photo is how my collage looked.

I then brought my collage into the computer and added some things and did some tweaking to it.

The second photo is how that version looks. I uploaded the second version to Fine Art America.

What do you think? Do you think the second one is more appealing (and yeah, I know it's weird, so let's just agree on that -- you don't have to LIKE it!). What I like about the tweaked version is how much richer it looks, how I toned down the greenish cast that the original paper had, and how I added a bit of color and a bit of smudgery.

Smudgery. Great word, no? Feel free to use it wherever and whenever appropriate. Attribution always appreciated.

©Carol Leigh
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Sam Hipkins said...

Carol... For me there is no contest between the two. The added color and a bit of smudgy is what was needed. Your inner artist told you what to do. Art begins within.

Warning...I may be making up for all the times when I lurked and made no comments. But the process in which we leave comments has gotten simple and that is what this feeble-minded, cyber dummy needed.

Sam Hipkins said...

I meant smudgery... a darn good word.

Carol Leigh said...

Warning well taken, Sam!

Anonymous said...

I prefer th second one. Seems to have more depth to it. I like retouched of color you added.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, glad I signed off as Anonymous. Should read I like the touch of color.

Carol Leigh said...

Yes, June, glad you signed as Anonymous, too! It'll be our little secret! 😄