Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Courting danger in quest for Internet access . . .

We live on a dead-end road. For the last three days, what's separated us from "civilization" and electricity has been a tree that fell across our road, taking an electrical line with it. And for the last three days the tree has been sagging more and more, with less and less clearance for a car to pass underneath.

Yesterday afternoon, after the house generator stopped working, for reasons yet to be discovered, we decided to take a chance, zoom as quickly as possible under the tree, and head to Coupeville Coffee & Bistro for soup, sandwich, coffee, and a fast WiFi connection. Not necessarily in that order . . .

This place is great. Good food. Good coffee. Comfy atmosphere, and free Internet access.

As I was sitting there, just looking around, iPhone at my side, I thought I'd take a few shots, again using Camera Awesome and the "Lone Star" effect.*

First thing I found was my empty coffee cup. It would be better if you could see actual coffee in it, but I still liked that I was able to focus in on their logo.

And then you see my view from my chair, just a simple overview of the place.

I then looked up at all the graphic elements in their overhead lighting and took a photograph of that.

And finally a shot of the doors leading to the restrooms. All this from my comfortable armchair.

I'm hoping that tomorrow I can show you before and after shots, of what the scene looked like without the special effect and then with the effect. Why? Because it's what I do . . .

Wishing you a stress-free and electricity-full day today.

*I know I'm overdoing the "Lone Star" photo effect. But instead of jumping in and using every app and effect I find and then remembering none of them, I'm being more methodical, working with something I like, learning it well enough that I'm not constantly fumbling around with it, and then moving on to something else, always keeping this current effect in my mind so that I can switch over to it when I think it particularly appropriate. 

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