Friday, September 11, 2015

Following a paper trail . . .

My friend Kathleen Amt has been playing around with paper and with her cellphone, also using this same "Lone Star" effect. She sent me a photo she took of some folded paper and, of course, it was brilliant.

So I looked around. What can I shoot and send to her? I've got a gull feather sitting on a bookshelf and so I held it up in front of the camera and made the first photo you see here. Sent it off to her.

Kathleen sent me another photo of scrap paper. Sigh. She's raised the bar pretty high. And she's made it clear she's working with and photographing paper, not anything like seagull feathers . . . I get the hint.

So I go out to the studio where I'm making envelopes (don't ask) and there are a lot of papers lying around. I arrange some corrugated cardboard bits and created the second photo you see here.

Then I layered some other papers and created another photo. (I figure if I can't create brilliance, I'll go for quantity.)

But then I figured it's time to change the game somewhat. So I photographed the flap of an envelope I'm working on, and have a lovely number "53."

So game on, Kathleen! I know you're going to send me another terrific shot of paper, but I'm changing direction. From now on it's just "what's around the house/studio."

But if you ignore me and send me yet another lovely photo of paper, I know I'll just have to follow your lead and see what additional paper shots I can come up with. Nothing like a little artistic nudge. For which I thank you.

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