Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Around the house . . .

Being sick isn't the pleasure cruise it was when I was younger. Upset stomach? Hooray! No school! Jello!

No, these days, when you know WAY too much, and you have WebMD right next to you on your iPad, you just know you're going to die a horrible death any minute.

But the past few days have been good and I've been shuffling around the house, iPhone in hand, seeing what I can find to amuse me photographically.

One afternoon there was a GIANT MOSQUITO on the window . . . Well, it's really a crane fly, no biting and drawing of blood involved with these harmless creatures, but they will always be GIANT MOSQUITOES to me. And he was OUTside. Perfect place for him.

So here you see him with a few of our trees in the distance and then Saratoga Passage in the distance beyond the trees. Then I wondered how closely I could focus on his eminence, and turns out that when using the Camera Awesome app I can take shots that are maybe 4x life-size. Fun stuff.

And then we have a basket of ceramic letters and numbers sitting on a cabinet in the entry. Oh, why not take a shot?

And finally there are the carved wooden ducks all lined up on top of the lawyer's bookcase. (Did you know I once applied to law school and they actually accepted me? But I came to my senses just in the nick of time and dodged that little career bullet.)

And so you see how pathetic this past week has been. Desperately looking for things to shoot. Warding off death at every turn. And fighting off GIANT MOSQUITOES, disguised as gentle crane flies . . .

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