Friday, September 4, 2015

Around the island . . .

We had a lot of business errands to take care of yesterday, but in between we managed to do a little exploring. And yeah, these are all with my iPhone app du jour, Camera Awesome, with the Lone Star effect.

The view of the wharf from Front Street is always a favorite of mine, this one taken from above Mosquito Fleet Chili Restaurant.

We also meandered a bit around Fort Casey, where I found a terrific "Dangerous Drop Off" sign to shoot, along with a couple shots of the lighthouse.

I've purposely been leaving the DSLR at home, forcing myself to shoot with the iPhone, but I'm missing the big camera. Never thought I'd say it, but I miss not setting up the tripod, carefully composing, changing f/stops, over- and underexposing, all the fussy things one does with a 35mm camera.

Of course, I can be fussy with the iPhone as well, but, probably because I don't know it as well, I don't find it as satisfying as the 35mm. And since there are things that I want to photograph and create a series, a "serious" series, the iPhone right now just doesn't cut it.

It's fun, though! And I'm taking some satisfying shots, perhaps an eventual series will emerge, but I want the quality and the ability to enlarge that my Canon gear gives me, rather than the small, limiting size of the cellphone.

So until someone invents an inexpensive, lightweight, pocket-sized, huge-sensored camera that shoots RAW, with an 18-600mm f/1.4 zoom lens, I've resigned myself to once again begin carrying the DSLR and all its attendant gear as well as the iPhone . . . sigh.

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