Sunday, September 6, 2015

Latest work: "Moon Colors"

Lately I've just been playing. Rummaging through my photos, seeing what happens when I do this, when I do that. The more I think of creating images as "play" rather than serious art, the more relaxed I am and the more open I am to just experimenting.

And what's really important is that there's no feeling of "failure."

If what I've made doesn't excite me, no matter. I just move on to trying more things, no planning aforethought.

I'm delighted with these colors, the overall vibrance. They are from a monoprint I made as well as pages from an antique Japanese book. The full-frame image looked good, so I also cropped it to a square so I could offer both versions to Fine Art America.

Wishing you a day of play today, no matter what you do.

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CJ said...

How fun is this?!! Love the colors and the geometry of it all. Very cool.