Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Follow-up to yesterday's blog post . . .

Before I posted yesterday's article about finding inspiration, I wanted to get permission to do so from the artist who painted the image I used as an example (Lisa Pressman).

As I went through her website looking for an e-mail address, I saw she had a calendar of her workshops posted. And it turns out she was conducting a workshop here in Coupeville THIS WEEK!

She kindly granted me permission to use her painting photo in yesterday's post, and then also invited me to come over to the Pacific Northwest Art School to chat and see what the class was doing. Bonus!

We just got back home from our visit. The big room they were working in was a complete mess. It was supposed to be a complete mess! It's encaustic painting, after all, and there was colored wax everywhere, lots of tools for scraping, stencils and strings for texture, and more. And everyone was having a great time.

So I ask you: What are the odds that I should post an article using Lisa Pressman's encaustic painting as an example yesterday, that I would e-mail her and receive an immediate response, and that she (this woman from New Jersey) would be just seven minutes up the road from us?

Art. Art is messy. Art brings us together. Art is fun. This was a fun set of circumstances for me, all about art.

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  1. Some good orderly direction was on your side...the Universe answered.

  2. Yes, it was quite serendipitous! So cool to see the work in person and to watch the process in general. So generous of her.

  3. I remember that place well! That was my first visit to Whidbey Island, and I came for a photo workshop with Robert Glenn Ketchum. Funky, messy classrooms with that wonderful smell. And I had a similar experience with coincidence when I was there - one of the other workshop attendees it turned out was a fellow UCSD alumni. Then, it turned out, we'd had the same major and gone to the same college. Around the same time. Then, it turned out, we'd later gone to the same graduate school. It was starting to get spooky. Must be something in the air on Whidbey!

  4. I know, Fay . . . there are weird coincidences here all the time. Oooooeeeeeeeooooooo!


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