Friday, August 12, 2016

Phase 1 is complete . . .

The first phase of my large wall hanging consisted of me making 150 "shipping tags." Each one (and there are TWO sides to each one) features either a collage or a painterly image, all hand done. That means (for those of you who are math-challenged) THREE HUNDRED mini-collages/paintings.

We begin assembling the piece today. Here are a few photos of the tags piled up on the work table.

Gotta say, this has been fun to create. I'll show more photos as we go along, including the GRAND FINALE en situ!

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  1. Love two or three but always better when there's more...lots more.

  2. How exciting... how ambitious... how creative! I look forward to see the progress and completion, Carol

  3. I know, Laura -- "less is more," right? Nah. More is more! And Carol F., yes, I'm looking forward to the completion myself. Perhaps today.


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