Monday, August 29, 2016

Early morning walk

Sunday morning we went down to Langley to have breakfast at Braeburn Restaurant. They open early (7 a.m.!) and we could beat the Sunday crowds.

Afterward, we slowly walked the town. The air was cool, skies overcast, no wind, no people. Ahhhh!

(These are all iPhone photos, and it was fun feeling unencumbered by weighty DSLRs.)

Fall has hit the Pacific Northwest. Started about two weeks ago, and now leaves are everywhere. I loved how these yellow ones looked as they collected in the cracks between cobblestones, and in the grid of a metal sewer plate.

Planters filled with flowers were everywhere, everything well taken care of.

Bright colors really stood out in the diffused morning light, and I loved how a chair became a strong graphic form against a sunshine-yellow wall. The sprinkling of leaves on the ground echoed the wall's bright color.

There's one building in town that has the coolest weathered reinforcement anchor plates on it and someday I'd like to do a more considered, more professional series of photos of them.

Spires on an iron gate caught my eye, looking like macho metal figures in skirts.

There is a group of volunteers in Langley who take care of all the trimming, pruning, watering, etc. of the town's hanging baskets, planters, and flower beds. I was drawn to a woman bending over with her secateurs in hand, doing what gardeners do. She was lovely, with great hair, casual, functional but elegant clothing (lovely pleating and stitching on her white shirt), thin silver bracelets, a purple watchband. I was smitten. And she kindly consented to being photographed as she worked.

And then one of my last photos was of a planter full of coneflowers, signifying the impending end of summer.

For me, this was just a perfect early morning out. Exploring, noticing, wandering, meandering, shooting, quietly talking. With Chris.

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