Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Finding inspiration

From time to time I'll refer to what I call my "inspiration file," images I've saved that, for whatever reason, I was drawn to. And when I'm sort of adrift, feeling nothing's going right with my art, I'll riffle through other people's images to see what might pop out.

That's what happened here when I saw an encaustic painting done by artist Lisa Pressman that appeared on her blog in 2009. She titled it "Between the Lines 11."

What I found intriguing was her color palette, the soft celadon in the background, the yummy yellow/ochre, the touches of black, and the deep reddish-orange bits. Colors I wouldn't think of using on my own.

And so I began. I began with color and then added additional items such as torn paper, ink scribbles, etc. for the texture. I also used a photo I'd taken of a piece of metal that had a number of crosshead screws in it, and so up top and down at the bottom you can see the little "x's" that are those screws. And then I wondered what if I included a photo I took a few years ago of a vine clinging to an old wall, a wall that featured two iron reinforcement anchor plates in the shape of stars. I call the piece "Reaching for Stars."

My resulting image, inspired by Lisa Pressman's exquisite painting, was fun to make. Her inspiration took me out of my comfort zone, both in selecting colors and then putting together a composition.

Are these colors I might use again? Not sure. And what about the orange-red color Lisa Pressman used? Why didn't I use the same color in mine? In my case, it was a little too much, and didn't work as well for me as Lisa's color worked in her encaustic painting.

Let me show you her blogpost from 2009, and then her current blog postings. She is a wonderful artist and creates exciting pictures. Check out her work. You might just come away inspired, as I did.

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