Thursday, September 7, 2017

Never as planned

I'm making a runner for our dining room table. It'll be made of papers, and is sort of a giant, thick-ish collage.

The plan for this morning was to make some indigo-colored papers that I will tear up and glue here and there.

"Making the paper" means using a Gelli plate and acrylic paints. You roll some paint(s) onto  the Gelli plate, make a design of some sort in the paint, lay a piece of paper over the design, press down, and then remove the paper.

It is fun and addicting.

By accident, I made some papers that were not indigo blue. Instead they were cream-colored, black, and some with just a trace of gold. And I thought they looked so cool I just kept on going. I know I'll use them eventually, so what the heck?

Here you see a table in the studio where I just toss things like this as they dry. Tomorrow I'll clean it all up.

You can see more papers in the middle shot, and then a close-up of one at the end.

I'm physically creating useful papers. Mentally, I'm creating a truckload of possibilities. [Rubbing hands together, cackly laughter.]

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