Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Radio-controlled . . .

We took a little day trip up to the Fisherman's Terminal, south north of Seattle. Little did we know there was a "Fisherman's Fall Festival" going on, with no available parking, mobs of people, and lots of colorful tents dotting the entire area.

Classic nightmare scenario for me. (Bright sunlight, too many people, etc.) But we lucked into a parking spot, and saw that NOBODY was walking around on the docks! Everybody was over at the booths, the music, the "build your own boat" facility, and watching ocean survival demonstrations.

My photos of the boats, texture, abstract images all turned out less than wonderful. But the radio-controlled boats? Very cool! They were zipping around, the fireboat occasionally spraying out water from a hose on top.

A good day, no matter the shooting situation. I mean, two ferry rides, a drawbridge, boats, rust, cute little boats, grilled rockfish for lunch? What's not to love?

©Carol Leigh
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