Saturday, September 16, 2017

Latest work

As I'm constantly throwing out photos that are taking up too much room in my computer and external drives, I'm also adding more to the mix!

Today I created the first image, a photomontage of the tall ship "Adventuress." She was way offshore, the island in the distance just a smudge. I photographed this ship last weekend during the Port Townsend, Washington's 41st Wooden Boat Show. We had a good time -- walked aboard the ferry, walked over to the show, walked, walked, walked, sat and listened to a man playing guitar, walked some more, walked back to the ferry, and then drove home. Walked more than four miles, and it felt great.

This morning Chris noticed a junco nest on the ground outside the garage door. Must have blown off in the night. The nest was empty. Luckily, I happen to have four empty junco eggs, in case of emergency. Figured just one would be plenty for this small nest.

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