Friday, September 22, 2017

The last day of summer

Wednesday was the last day of summer. "Let's go walk around Langley!"

Our first stop was the Whidbey Art Gallery, which always has unique art and at affordable prices. I asked the man manning the desk which art was his. He's John Kloecke, a potter and does a lot of raku firing. I made sure we saw his work, and one piece in particular stood out -- a very elegant pot, a rich blue color, and a unique glaze that he said had glass in it, which melts to a lovely sheen. We bought it -- to be photographed soon.

This pink hydrangea flower is one of the last bloomers of the season, and looked good against a still-green leafy background.

And then down to the marina to see what we could see. Lots of crows, gulls, and pigeons, as well as dramatic clouds off in the distance.

I rescued a large starfish a gull had pulled off a piling and then left on the sidewalk. I grabbed an arm, gave a tug, and gently put him back in the water, watching him slowly, slowly sink down to the bottom.

Had an enjoyable conversation with the dockmaster, who showed us a photo he'd taken that morning of a bright orange (and huge) jellyfish. "That's Sandy Point. See that house with the sun on it? That's my parents' house. They've been there 45 years. Sometimes I call them and say, 'I can see what you're doing!' And they never fail to laugh."

A fine little exploration and an excellent way to celebrate the beginning of fall.

Wishing you all small celebrations such as this.

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