Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's hard to sneak up on a crow . . .

Once again, I'm sort of in a slump, but instead of fretting, I continue trying this, trying that. I'm making a lot of monoprints to use not only in physical collages, but also to include in photomontages. I have lots of ephemera, too, to photograph and then use. And then there are a variety of painterly effects I'm testing out.

But what I'm also doing is simply riffling through my photo files, looking at old pictures with new eyes and (hopefully) new techniques and talents.

This crow showed up in 2009, as I and my workshop participants here on the Oregon coast were shooting at the Waldport Marina. I was able to move in fairly close and he didn't seem too concerned. But he definitely knew I was there.

I then added some textures, some scratches, some painterly effects, and came up with this version of my original photo. I like it. It's different. It was fun to make. And it reminded me of a lovely morning in Oregon five years ago, among like-minded folks, all admiring our surroundings and shooting away.

Wishing you lovely surroundings this Saturday morning.

©Carol Leigh