Friday, May 29, 2015

Looking a gift horse in the mouth . . .

I received a birthday present earlier this week. I just didn’t know it at the time.

Chris and I were driving north along the Oregon coast, running some errands. A small BMW behind us was driving fast, passing everyone in front of him, desperate to gain an additional 27 feet of the road.

“Typical Beemer driver,” I thought. “Self-absorbed, arrogant, and impatient.” He zoomed past us, speeding up the road.

We hit Newport, made a right, and Chris said, “That BMW is in the vet’s parking lot.”

All of a sudden my preconception of “a jerk at the wheel” changed. He probably had an injured and beloved pet in that car, and was desperately trying to get to the veterinarian for help.

I am often quick to judge. And to judge negatively. My birthday present this week was a lesson in compassion. Sure, most of the stupid drivers out there are simply jerks. But maybe, just maybe, that person may have a valid reason for the rush, the hurry, the seeming self-absorption. Maybe there’s an injured pet in that car, or a sick child.

My birthday present was to remember to think twice, think compassionately, and just shut up.

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  1. Oh, don't lots of us do that same thinking process especially on the road. This was a good lesson. And Happy Birthday. Just think, next year you will be in your new home. Exciting new year for you two and the fur ball. June

  2. Oh a belated Happy Birthday Carol, Chris and to you four legged friend, I remember all with in a week or so of each other.


  3. June, Chris resents being called a "furball!"😄


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