Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cyclists in Spring Revisited

Remember yesterday's bike photo? If not, it's here at the bottom. Well, I got to thinking . . .

Could I create a photomontage that's composed sort of the same way? So I used photographs of an old oil painting (for the canvas texture), vintage Japanese papers, hand-stained paper (that I stained with coffee and tea), a hand-painted piece of paper (the blue and black bits of the "sidewalk"), and a couple of circles I'd cut out of manila paper and then painted.

So do you see it? The two cyclists, the painted sidewalk lines in the street, the patch of grass, the bit of sidewalk?

And you thought I had nothing more to do these days than pack! Ha!

©Carol Leigh
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  1. With all that is going on....yes create with the anxiety and excitement of moving. Not sure how you feel about this but when there's a big event or something of that sorts...I find using the energy for creating calms the crazy She beast inside of me. Looks as though you are doing the same. funny how that it and the creative journey you went on...

  2. My mornings have always been "mine" to work on photos as I wish (which is maybe why I get up at 4 a.m.!) and it's what keeps me sorta sane.


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