Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cemetery art . . .

It was cold (35 degrees) the other day, and rather rainy, but we went out exploring anyway, heading up to Sunnyside Cemetery on Ebey's Prairie. It's a beautiful location, with expansive views of farmlands spreading out below.

The cemetery is one of the more interesting I've visited, with lots of unique personalized markers, such as this one, a sculpture of two great horned owls. On warmer and dryer days I plan to explore some more. This was a great start.

P.S. We had at least four, maybe six, great horned owls staking out their territories on our property yesterday at twilight. Two hooting off to my left, two more to my right, and then, off in the distance, two more, softly muffled. These two in the cemetery didn't hoot once . . .

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