Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Same scene, two cameras

Before Halloween we went over to Sherman's Farm in Coupeville to check out their pumpkins and to see families enjoying the trolley rides through the fields, the cows eating pumpkins (who knew?), and excited children running around all over the place.

Off to one side I saw this old wicker chair with pumpkins on it. I shot the top photograph using a DSLR and a 100mm lens. The scene was deeply shaded and I left a bit of the bluish color in the shot because I liked the mood.

Then I used my iPhone 6+ and took the second picture. I was able to move in much closer and sort of hover overhead to compose it.

That wasn't enough, however. I used a Prisma app to change the entire look, from a moody, shady image above, to this light, bright, more festive picture. I like both of them, but find myself more drawn to the iPhone shot, just because it's a bit more fun to look at.

Yes, it's not real. Yes, it's an app. But it's not PRETENDING to be anything else than what it is -- a tricked-out cellphone shot.

Happy election day. May this all be over soon.

©Carol Leigh
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