Friday, January 17, 2014


When I prep my photos, I often put some of them in my blog "pending file" to be posted here later, usually when I see a theme developing. Well, this first barn has been in the pending file for a couple of years.

Chris and I were returning home from the airport and took a few side roads along the way. The weather was edgy and the clouds dramatic. We pulled over so I could shoot this barn, but the sound of shotguns in the distance (hunting season) made me edgy, so we moved on. I do like the photo, however.

The next two photos were taken in the Palouse in eastern Washington about nine years ago and I'm just now getting around to processing them. What a difference weather makes!

It's good to finally get these barn pictures out of the pending file and into the light of day. Or night. Hope you enjoyed taking a look.

©Carol Leigh


Judy said...

Great post. Glad you pulled them out & shared. I love the mood of the first one.

Jo Murray said...

We don't have barns with such character here in Australia. Great photos.

Valorie Webster said...

Such different feeling to each of these. Glad you were not shot too.
If I went to find old images like this, I would have trouble. Good lesson in organization!

Carol Leigh said...

Thank you Judy, Jo, and Valorie. And Valorie, organization has nothing to do with it! I WISH I was organized! I just prep the picture for my blog (i.e. make it smaller, frame and sign it, and put it into my blog file. I rummage through those photos daily, looking for themes. No organizational skills at all...