Saturday, January 11, 2014

Latest work: "Counting Circles"

Dreary days here on the Oregon coast have me thinking of bright, lively colors. So early this morning, when a 57mph gust of wind woke me up, I came down to the office and combined photos of my own hand-painted papers, an aged paper from a scrapbook, and began playing.

These two images delight me and I like them. But I like them in a different way from other images I create. When these were finished, I felt energized by the colors, by all those cool circles, and, of course, the numbers.

I consider this "fluff." The art is colorful, fun, bright, eye-catching. And it's appealing (to me) on a lot of levels.

My other images, the darker, more abstract, Japanese-inspired pictures, please me in a different way. When I finish those, I often have a solid, quiet, satisfied feeling, a more serious response, a "yeah, this is good" sort of reaction. A definite "knowing."

So yes, I consider this fluff. But it's fun fluff! And just what I need this blustery day. While I watch the Seattle Seahawks annihilate the New Orleans Saints. (Sorry, Brenda!)

©Carol Leigh