Sunday, February 8, 2015

Abstracts anywhere . . .

Repeating horizontal lines always catch my attention, and so I offer three different abstract images, completely different, yet they all consist of repeating horizontal lines.

A hillside at a local community college caught my eye, with a stripe of matted-down grasses forming the top layer, then a bit of the road, and then more grasses in the immediate foreground. I like how the simple bit of asphalt road creates a break between the two sets of grasses, yet connects the two.

And then there's the close-up of a circuit board that I shot a couple of years ago. What initially caught my eye was the complementary color combination of blue and gold. But how to make a composition out of the mish-mash that is a circuit board? And now that I'm looking again at this composition, maybe flipping it vertically might be better . . . the solid stripes anchoring the bottom and the lighter-colored floaty silver things more appropriately at the top . . .

And then there's the photo I took through a store window in Santa Fe of detail on a jacket. Again, repeating horizontal lines. I also like how the leather fringe and the silver cones form a bit of verticality amid the basic horizontal elements.

Abstracts are everywhere. It's how you compose the photograph that makes them interesting.

And oh, yes -- hello to my new friend in the Yukon!

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