Saturday, February 21, 2015

Portland to D.C. (Part 1)

Not much to do aboard planes except read, do crossword puzzles, eat pretzels (or, if you're lucky, Lorna Doones), and gaze out the window (my favorite). So throughout the trip I looked for things to shoot with the cellphone.

A lot of what I see are abstract patterns--perfect!

We left before dawn, so I shot runway lights using the SlowShutter app. What's cool about this is that you can see the effect develop on the LCD and you can stop the exposure whenever it reaches a point you like.

We flew into the dawn's early light, over mountains still shaded in blue, then over flat country, everything covered with snow. All photos processed with Snapseed. Copyright Carol Leigh.


  1. The snow gives nice definition to the landscape. Enjoyed these.

  2. Thanks, June. They'd be boring without the snow.


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