Friday, February 27, 2015


The last color in the spectrum is called violet, but it sure seems to encompass a variety of colors including purple. I mean, when does "violet" become "purple?"

I think of violet as being very light and purple as being quite dark. But then, frankly, I don't really care. Let others do the testing and I'll just do the looking.

So. Looking through my photos, here are three that I consider violet/purple. Look at the bluish tones in the hydrangea flowers and compare that with the reddish tones of the building in the third photo. The final photo seems to be somewhere in between.

That's it for now with the ROYGBIV extravaganza. It came in handy while I was gone, something I pre-programmed to fill the space, and something I hope you found interesting.

And what did I learn? To pay more attention to colors, to variations of color, and to not really pay attention to their names, but rather how they work together, don't work together, and how they can play very nicely with one another if you're careful.

Roygbivally yours,

©Carol Leigh
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