Sunday, February 1, 2015

Thank you to Kathleen Amt (Part 1)

Kathleen Amt, over the past couple of years, has sent me some very cool papers from her INCREDIBLE stash.

Well, this morning, as I continue to clean up my art studio, I came across a paper she'd sent that was obviously from an old Japanese book. It had been cut in some manner and I couldn't figure out what she had had in mind for it. Maybe she didn't know either and so just stuck it into an envelope for me.

But then AHA! I realized what she had done. This paper was going to be an envelope, so I started folding it this way and that and yes, this was an envelope that just hadn't been folded yet. So I traced the paper onto a manila file folder to make a sturdier template for myself. Ooh, the anticipation builds . . .

I then took out a "painting" I had done in the style of Jane Davies (who is a major force in the art and art workshop field and you should take a look at her website and her tutorials). I flipped the paper over and traced Kathleen's template onto it.

I cut the painting, following the template guidelines, and then folded it. Naturally, because I'm HORRIBLE at spatial concepts, Chris had to change my folding a bit, and voila! I have this envelope that is SO COOL. It's about 5.25" high and 7.25" wide. All of a sudden my clunky painting has become a little piece of art that I can mail out to someone. It's ridiculous how stoked I am. I MADE something! I can USE this! I am WONDERFUL!

So let me share this wonderfulness by referring you to Kathleen Amt's collages and photomontages at her Flickr site and also referring you to Jane Davies' website.

Me? I'm gonna go back into the studio and make more envelopes!

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